Welcome to Training Section | 29th November, 2015
Training Content

The workshop is divided into three broad categories:

1. International Standard CV writing

  • Globally accepted CV writing format
  • Getting the right picture and content for your CV
  • Detailing of your CV and the use of “verbs”

2. Interview Preparations

  • How to effectively research about the company?
  • Self analysis and preparation
  • Analyzing how you “fit” with the role

3. Performing in an Interview Board (with demo question/answer session)

  • Detailed discussion on “top 10 most commonly asked interview questions”
  • Handout on “top 100 interview questions”
  • Individual questions from the participants and queries

 It is a complete package on what you need to do to secure your job- from making the CV, tips on how to apply effectively, how to prepare for the interview till facing the actual interview board.

Speakers Profile
G. Sumdany Don

G. Sumdany Don is well known as one of the leading career consultants in this country. He is trained on “Facilitation and Training Skills” by certified Master-trainer Sarah Krasker under the Master Trainer Institute (France) and also by brand marketing guru, Trini Amador of BHC Consulting (USA). Don worked in the Fortune 500 Company - Philip Morris International (PMI) for 4.5 years and represented a PMI brand which is one of the top 10 global brands out of all product categories in the world. His expertise includes training people on how write a CV and how to prepare for the interview board, how to communicate and convince interviewer/customers/clients easily and effectively, how to build great teams, and how to instigate the fire of leadership among managers of different tiers. Don has launched global PMI brands in Bangladesh, and was in charge of a 400 people brand promoter team along with 40 supervisors, making PMI brands one of the most well-known brands in this country. He was incharge of the entire recruitment, selection, grooming and implementation process of all these people.

The Class Valedictorian 2008 from ULAB, Don also conducts career buildup classes in East West University (EWU), and in the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). He has spoken in different seminars and workshops all across Dhaka and in front of at least 6000+ people so far. He also has his own newspaper column titled “Don’s Career Tips,” which is published every Thursday in the Independent Newspaper. He is the Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy.